A Corporate Health Program That Your Employees Will Love

With holistic back pain therapy in the palm of your hand, Kaia will decrease employees’ absent days and insurance premiums.

Kaia provides a non invasive holistic digital therapy for management and prevention of chronic low back pain.

Back Pain - the Most Costly Chronic Illness

Musculoskeletal injuries or ‘body stressing’ in workers is the most common type of workplace injury and a huge financial burden on business. They account for 23.6% of working days lost. Kaia helps you assist employees at risk with cost-effective treatment.1)

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Measurable Success

The average active Kaia user will experience a 40% decrease in pain levels after just 20 days.2)

1) Source: UK Office for National Statistics - Full Report: Sickness Absence in the Labour Market, February 2014
2) Results from an internal evaluation. Academic publications pending.

You Pay Only for Success, Not for Access

A fee is only due for employees who regularly use Kaia and obtain good results. This way, your health budgets are guaranteed to be used efficiently while we do our best to motivate your employees.

Reach out to Employees Who Will Benefit Most

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Target Those at Risk
We help you identify those who are most likely to be at risk of a cost-intensive chronic disease.

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Individual Campaign
We are running a customized campaign to achieve the highest level of interest among your employees.

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The Gold Standard of Medicine
We offer every employee access to a guideline-endorsed therapy for back pain, which adapts continuously to individual needs.

Transparency over the Entire Participation Period

You will regularly receive detailed reports on the progress of your employees. They are anonymous so that the privacy and personal rights are maintained and respected at all times.

Obtain success stories from user data and encourage more employees to improve their lives with the Kaia holistic digital therapy app.