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Therapy for Chronic Back Pain

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Empowering patients to take control of their chronic back pain

We do this by digitizing best-in-class multimodal therapy that has proven to be successful offline. In addition, we add artificial intelligence features to make existing therapies more effective and to provide a higher quality of care.

Quality of Care

Utilizing artificial intelligence allows us to provide high-quality, personalized care.


Identify Risk

We help you identify those who are most at risk for cost-intensive chronic back pain.



The program is personalized to the needs and abilities of the individual to ensure quality of care.


Motion Tracking

Exercises are monitored using motion tracking to ensure safety and effectiveness.

The Gold Standard

Many international scientific guidelines recommend multimodal therapy as the gold standard for treating chronic back pain. We take what has been established as the best-in-class treatment methodology and bring it to you in a convenient digital form.

Proven Success

Don’t just take our word for it! We’re constantly testing our product in clinical studies to ensure proven and quantifiable success.

In a study with 180 participants, patients reported a 43% decrease in back pain after completing just 12 weeks of using the app.

"Kaia provides pain reduction in short term follow-up" - Read the paper in the Journal for Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies (2017)

Kaia's second study confirms the clinically meaningful significant decrease in self-reported pain levels over the duration of follow-up." - Read the paper in the JMIR mHealth and uHealth (2018)


long-term retention throughout the 6 months Kaia program


therapy sessions per week on average throughout the entire 6 months

Corporate customers report a ROI in the first year of over 300%.

Corporate Satisfaction

Corporate Satisfaction

Corporate customers report a ROI in the first year of over 300%.

User Satisfaction

After 3 months with Kaia, users report a much lower willigness to do other treatments: surgery (53% less), pain killers (37% less).

Take control of chronic back pain!