Don't let back pain
get in your way

Get your personalized Kaia therapy plan with 250+ exercises for active back pain relief.

Back pain relief when you need it

With as little as 15 minutes a day, Kaia offers the right exercises tailored to you. Improve your back anytime, anywhere.

Based on the proven mind-body approach

Multimodal therapy combines physical, psychological and educational elements to relieve back pain at home, without medication.

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The digital therapist in your pocket

Kaia offers a therapy plan that adjusts to your individual needs and shows you the best exercises for a healthier back.

Best-practice care
in your living room

Clinically proven therapy

In their most recent guidelines, expert bodies such as the American College of Physicians recommend combined-exercise-programs as first line therapy for back pain. Kaia is a digital version of a combined-exercise-program developed in collaboration with pain treatment experts, showing proven and meaningful benefits in clinical studies.

What Kaia offers

Individualized exercise plans

Think of Kaia as a physiotherapist in your pocket. Kaia offers simple exercise routines, tailored to your individual needs, to help you alleviate back pain in the comfort of your home.

Mindful pain reduction

Using the latest research in mindfulness and pain science, Kaia helps both your body and your brain cope with chronic pain in a gentle yet effective way.

Comprehensive back pain education

Understanding your pain and the way it links to your body can help you better treat it more efficiently. Our comprehensive library offers important information in short and concise modules.

Personalized Help from Coaching Staff

Reach a dedicated pain coach easily for extra motivation, or to answer questions.

New on iPhone:
Kaia motion coach


Set up your iPhone with the camera facing you.


Allow Kaia’s Motion Coach to watch you do a prescribed exercise.


Kaia Motion Coach will count your repetitions and give feedback in real time as you do each exercise.

Ratings & Reviews

“No other health app is as fun as Kaia! I guarantee you! Very unique setup to keep the users engaged from day 1! Thorough medical research, substantial informative education units, most importantly, effective and efficient therapy!”

The Champ

“Couldn't stand up straight! Kaia helped me reduce my pain on the first day my back went out.”


“I enjoyed the workout programs designed by Kaia. They are very precise for back pain.”

“Any other exercises I have tried are just too difficult for me. With these I'm hoping to rebuild up some of the strength I have lost.”

“Very good. I hope I can get up and walk and not hurt. Thank you for caring. I’ll keep doing these exercises.”


Use Kaia’s Motion Coach and Apple Watch integration to help you alleviate back pain.


Use Kaia's 250+ exercises on Android to help alleviate back pain.

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